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Customer producthunt

As a fast growing startup, Product Hunt trusts Codeship to deliver great results for their test and deployment process.

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Andreas klinger
Andreas klinger CTO at Product Hunt

At Product Hunt we use Codeship as the backbone of our team’s test and deployment processes.

Customer bannerman

Thanks to introducing parallel test pipelines with Codeship, the development team at Bannerman could reduce their test time by 30%.

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  • Team Members: 4

Thanks to Codeship, we are now sailing safer through the Sea of Deployments. With Parallel Test Pipelines we sped up our process by about 30%.

Faster Tests with Parallel Test Pipelines

Increase your team's productivity with faster builds. Configure multiple test pipelines that run your tests in parallel. Use up to ten parallel pipelines to gain as much as 10x speed increase for your test suite.

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