At Product Hunt we use Codeship as the backbone of our team’s test and deployment processes.

Andreas Klinger

CTO at Product Hunt
What I like most is the fact that questions are answered by the support team almost instantly. - Andreas Klinger

With Codeship, Product Hunt now deploys several times a day to production.

People worldwide build and launch amazing stuff. Product Hunt strives to showcase some of the best of it. Think of them as reddit/hackernews, but for products. People worldwide build and launch amazing stuff.

Product Hunt before Codeship

Product Hunt is a vibrant, up-and-coming organization looking to grow. They switched to deployments via Codeship when their development team grew bigger than 2 people. Before that, they used rake tasks to deploy and tested locally. The main challenge back then was to ensure that feature branches were tested before they were merged.

Why Product Hunt chooses Codeship

Product Hunt uses Codeship to streamline internal processes, reduce duplicating behaviour and increase confidence. For example, Product Hunt has linting of ruby (including specs) and coffeescript (and soon scss) as part of their tests. This ensures they don’t have to nitpick in pull requests around style conventions. Product Hunt also streamlines their deployments: you can’t merge until your tests pass. When you merge, you deploy to staging automatically. If your pull request got 2 approvals and your tests pass, you can deploy to production. Product Hunt also has several pre-deployment steps and other little customizations. With one single step & path for deployments, people feel confident to deploy from the outset.