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Codeship Basic vs. GitLab CI

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Codeship Basic
GitLab CI
Docker Support

Work on a Continuous Integration Platform that gets updated whenever the latest stable Docker version is available. Connect to both private and public registries with ease.

Learn more about Codeship Pro's native Docker Support

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Shared & Streamlined Build Machines

Multiple different builds run on the same build VM allowing for significant cost savings. Codeship Basic offers the most competitive price per build container in the market.

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Complete Control over your build environment

You define what you want to run in the build environment. Whatever can be run in a container, your CI Platform can run.

Learn more about setting up your environment with Codeship Pro

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Repository Driven CI/CD workflow

Set up your CI/CD via configuration files that sit in your repository. Benefit from version control and know who pushed recent changes.

Learn about the Codeship .yml files

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Web GUI driven CI/CD workflow

Set up your CI/CD via a web user interface focused on simplicity and ease of use.

Learn more about Codeship Basic's setup interface

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Dependency Caching

Reduces the time it takes to re-create your build environment by utilizing cached images.

Learn more about caching on Codeship Basic

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Parallel Testing

Split up your test suite and run it in parallel to speed up your builds.

Learn more about Parallel Testing on Codeship Basic

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Debugging via SSH Access

Access and debug your build within a clone of the build infrastructure. This debug build does not count against your concurrent build limit.

Learn more about Codeship Basic's SSH debug sessions

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Pre-configured Deployments

Set up your deployments via simple 1-click-deployment integrations.

Learn more about Codeship Basic's turnkey deployment integrations

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Notifications Center

Get granular control over build notifications. Set up flexible notifications to increase productivity and cut down noise.

Learn more about Notifications on Codeship Basic

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