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With Parallel Test Pipelines by Codeship Bannerman now tests 30% faster

Antoine chevigne
Antoine de Chevigné

CTO at Bannerman

Thanks to Codeship, we are now sailing safer through the Sea of Deployments.

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About Bannerman

Bannerman is the fastest and easiest way to book security professionals. Simply use their website or Bannerman’s iPhone app to book security guards quickly and conveniently. They provide a simple and cost-effective way to protect your business.

Bannerman before Codeship

Bannerman was testing locally and their main challenge was to make sure all of their branches were passing tests before merging them. This was a really annoying and time-consuming process that Codeship now handles for them.

What I like most is the Github integration. Being able to see the build status for our branches directly in Github is awesome!

Antoine de Chevigné
CTO at Bannerman

Why Bannerman chooses Codeship

Bannerman must ensure their code is reliable before sending it to production, but they didn’t want to spend countless hours deploying and managing a Jenkins server. Outsourcing the test process was the best choice for Bannerman, and Codeship does an impeccable job in meeting their needs.

Frederic terrazzoni
Frédéric Terrazzoni

Engineer at Bannerman

We built a complete mobile-app deployment process on top of Codeship. Code, push, test, build in the cloud, deployment to our partners in minutes instead of hours.