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LendingCrowd cuts their test time in half with ParallelCI by Codeship

Neil bartley
Neil Bartley

Senior Software Engineer at LendingCrowd

Codeship provided us a quick set up, providing an all in one solution for testing and deployment of code. Continuous Deployment can be complex, its made simple here.

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About LendingCrowd

LendingCrowd is an up-and-coming UK peer-to-business crowdlending service. They offer a breath of fresh air for investors to grow funds through risk-based returns – and a means for small businesses to borrow funds at a rate that suits them.
LendingCrowd’s aim is to support a vibrant and growing community of small and medium sized enterprises in the UK by providing simpler, lower-cost lending combined with greater flexibility, straightforward security arrangements, minimum ongoing administration and no exit fees. LendingCrowd’s innovative online platform, combined with their extensively-experienced underwriting personnel, are at the heart of what they do.

LendingCrowd before Codeship

LendingCrowd’s home rolled Jenkins instance was starting to take more and more time to maintain. This was taking time away from the development of their platform, effectively hindering their growth. Moving LendingCrowd’s testing to Codeship was the work of a couple of hours and they haven’t looked back.
With the move, LendingCrowd is easily able to build a continuous deployment pipeline to their staging and production environments.

What I like most is the ease of use. And that the guys who run it are enthusiastic and helpful - like us, they enjoy very much what they do.
Neil bartley

Neil bartley
Senior Software Engineer at LendingCrowd

Why LendingCrowd chooses Codeship

  • It makes business easier. LendingCrowd is able to concentrate on improving their platform while Codeship does all of the heavy lifting for them.
  • Any new technology or system we’ve added has always been catered for out of the box; Poltergeist, PhantomJS (formally Selenium), Memcached.
  • Support: When LendingCrowd needs it, Codeship’s support is exceptional and personal.
  • Innovation. The new ParallelCI functionality (alongside some recent test-side tweaks) have decreased test-run time by 50%.
Dean heatherington
Dean Heatherington

Front-end Developer at LendingCrowd

Codeship lets me focus on my work and getting it live instead of getting bogged down in process. I can continue other work while Codeship deals with testing and deploying.

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