Why TravelPerk moved from their CI provider to Codeship Pro: Increased Speed and Flexibility

Dave Garcia
Dave Garcia

Vice President of Engineering at TravelPerk

After switching from our former CI provider to Codeship Pro, we were able to reduce build times by 10 minutes. The improvement was quite remarkable!

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About TravelPerk

TravelPerk is revolutionizing how people book business travel by offering companies of any size a simple, powerful and beautifully designed tool to book and manage all their travel in one place. Smoothly, efficiently and free, now and always.

Prior To Using Codeship: Big builds slowed down the team

Prior to switching to Codeship Pro, TravelPerk used another provider for CI.  As Dave explained it,  "In the beginning we were very happy but after a while we found that it was very limited."  The TravelPerk team felt constrained by their CI tool, from the libraries they could use, to the versions available, and the set-up.  


"The flexibility and speed Codeship Pro gives us is amazing!"

Faster and More Productive After Switching to Codeship

"Coming from an environment where we have everything Dockerized, we found the constraints of our previous CI solution to be a really big blocker."  In addition, TravelPerk's front-end builds were quite 'heavy' and with their former setup, everything was serial which meant their builds took up to 45 mins which for them was, "completely unacceptable"

They were looking for a solution that was able to work with their newly Dockerized application while also ramping up their productivity as a team.

Enter: Codeship Pro.  

After switching to Codeship Pro, TravelPerk saw significantly reduced build times and experienced "amazing flexibility" with the platform.

TravelPerk has specific workflow requirements to run multiple steps in parallel and deploy to both Heroku and AWS conditionally. They were happy to be able to deploy to both environments and use the existing Codeship integration examples to make setup simple.

Dave Garcia

The CLI for Pro is fantastic the devs love it! The first time we discovered it was mindblowing.

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