CodeShip Basic

A simple, out-of-the-box Continuous Integration Platform with pre-installed CI dependencies.

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CodeShip Basic offers pre-configured machines, helpful integrations, and a simple setup UI


Builds run on pre-configured machines

CodeShip Basic has a vast variety of CI dependencies already pre-installed and ready to go.

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Set up everything via a simple web interface

Set up your CI/CD via a web user interface focused on simplicity and ease of use.

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Turnkey, integrated deployments

Turnkey, integrated deployments that can be set up with 1 click

Set up deployments to common endpoints via our simple 1-click-deployment integrations.

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Great for common technologies and workflows

Setting up your projects only takes a few minutes. We will take care of the rest.

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Works out of the box

CodeShip Basic has a vast variety of CI dependencies already pre-installed and ready to go. Getting started only takes a few minutes. Simply connect your CodeShip account to GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab and trigger your automated tests every time you push to your repository.

Codeship Basic Features - works out of the box

Simple setup

The CodeShip Basic Web UI and its simple click-to-setup approach make getting started and connecting your GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab repositories, setting up your testing environment and deployment targets, notification services, and other integrations easier than with any other CI service.

Codeship Basic Features - Simple setup

Optimized hosted infrastructure

Don’t waste time and engineering resources to maintain your local CI server. Ship better code, faster and optimize your build, test, & deployment processes thanks to CodeShip's infrastructure dedicated to speed.

Codeship Basic Features - Optimized hosted infrastructure

Fast development speed on scale

Set up parallel test pipelines and speed up your test suite. Easily restart single pipelines should they have failed. Push builds concurrently so your development team doesn’t have to wait for builds to be run. CodeShip's infrastructure automatically scales with your needs so you can get back to building your product.

Codeship Basic Features - Parallel builds and development speed on scale

Centralized team management with organizations and dashboards

Easily manage your team and streamline your projects. Set up CodeShip Organizations to manage permissions and get centralized control over your teams and projects for efficient collaboration. Get a high-level overview of your project’s health with our project and organization dashboards.

Codeship Basic Features - Centralized team management and dashboards

SSH access into debug builds

CodeShip is not a black-box. Easily access debug builds and SSH into your build to debug right from within your CI environment.

CodeShip Basic Features - SSH debug build access
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Common Questions

Common Questions

Is my code secure when I run it on CodeShip Basic?

For every project you add to CodeShip Basic we create a SSH Key that is encrypted strongly and only decrypted shortly before being used in the build virtual machine. For every build we start a new and clean virtual machine. Learn more here.

Which source code management services are supported?

CodeShip Basic supports connecting your GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab repositories. Seamlessly invite project contributors to CodeShip and see what your team is working on on your project dashboards.

What is a concurrent build and how many builds can I run?

The number of concurrent builds states how many builds can be run at the same time by your team across your account. 1 concurrent build equals 1 commit. After you sign up you will always get 100 builds per month, 1 concurrent build, unlimited projects and unlimited users for free. We recommend purchasing additional concurrent builds for your account once your team gets bigger so you can run multiple builds simultaneously accross your team.

What are parallel test pipelines and can I run my tests in parallel to speed up my test suite?

Yes, you can split up your test commands into multiple parallel test pipelines to speed up your test suite. We also allow for simple restarting of single pipelines which does not count towards your monthly build count, should you be on our free plan. While concurrent builds allow you to run multiple builds across your account simultaneously, parallel test pipelines allow you to split up your build into multiple pipelines to speed up your testing. We recommend purchasing additional parallel test pipelines for your account once your projects get bigger.

Why do I need to grant CodeShip permissions to connect my repos?

As a CI service we need to get certain permissions to set up a seamless connection between your SCM repository and your CodeShip project. Unfortunately, most SCM providers (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab) don’t allow for granular permission handling. We are in constant conversations with them as our goal is to have to request fewer permissions from you.

Is CodeShip Basic available for on-premise or iOS apps?

Currently we do not offer CodeShip Basic as an on-premise solution. We also do not offer support for testing and deploying iOS apps. We are planning to support both soon. Please reach out to us so we can let you know once we’re launching on-premise and iOS support for CodeShip. We'd also love to learn from you, so feel free to send us feedback.

Are there discounted plans available?

Annual plans give you 2 months for free. We also happily offer 50% discount for educational projects. Open source projects will always be free.

How do you handle upgrading or canceling a subscription?

Upgrading your subscription in between a subscription period is prorated. You are able to cancel your subscription any time.

Learn more in our CodeShip Basic Documentation

CodeShip Basic supports and integrates with powerful technologies out of the box. These articles will help you get started quickly.

Getting started

Getting started with CodeShip Basic takes just a couple of steps.

Pre-Installed Software

Here are some of the tools that are pre-installed on our build VMs.


Look at some of our ready made deployments, or script your own.