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After a period of six months working with Codeship, Placester’s testing and deployment of their Platform as a Service is 100 percent automated. 

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  • Team Members: 30+
Ryan Fisch
Ryan Fisch Senior Director of Engineering at Placester

Codeship allows us to produce quality software while providing cost & time savings. We were up and running within a day and sped up our development by orders of magnitude.

Customer TravelPerk

After switching to Codeship Pro, TravelPerk saw significantly reduced build times and experienced "amazing flexibility" with the platform.

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  • Team Members: 17
DAVE GARCIA Vice President of Engineering at TravelPerk

After switching from our former CI provider to Codeship Pro, we were able to reduce build times by 10 minutes. The improvement was quite remarkable!

Faster Tests with Parallel Test Pipelines

Increase your team's productivity with faster builds. Configure multiple test pipelines that run your tests in parallel. Use up to ten parallel pipelines to gain as much as 10x speed increase for your test suite. Should one of your pipelines fail Codeship allows for simple restarting of single pipelines.

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