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The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Integration Tools, Q3 2017

67% of surveyed developers indicated that they use CI tools as part of their software development process. Development teams that are not using CI tools are holding themselves back by not taking advantage of the automated, repeatable processes CI tools afford them.


Download an excerpt of the report above.

In its most recent “Continuous Integration Tools” report, Forrester provides valuable guidance into the rapidly-growing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery market. Read this Forrester Wave™ report to get insights into the “Modern Application Delivery Playbook”, the Application Development and Delivery (AD&D) market definition, direction, in-depth analysis, and recommendations. Furthermore, you will also get an overview of representative vendors, including Codeship.

Report Findings:

  • Adoption of CI tools is growing as more AD&D (Application Development and Delivery) organizations shift to Agile and DevOps, resulting in smaller, product-centric, autonomous software development teams
  • AD&D organizations are becoming more distributed, more global, and more reliant on open source components, traditional CI tools no longer suffice.
  • Modern CI tools integrate with DevOps tools to create an automated code delivery pipeline commonly referred to as CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery).
  • The drive to automation and continuous delivery is happening at a scale and pace that would have been unthinkable only 10 years ago.

Forrester’s Continuous Integration Tool Vendor Inclusion Criteria

A demonstrable, comprehensive CI product

Forrester Wave CI Report: Continuous Integration Products Codeship

Each vendor offers a fully featured CI product that orchestrates the Continuous Integration process.

At least 25 paying enterprise clients for the product

Forrester Wave CI Report: Enterprise Clients Codeship

Forrester defines an enterprise as a company that is employing at least 1,000 people.

Significant product interest from Forrester’s user clients

Forrester Wave CI Report: Forrester Users Interest in Codeship

Each vendor included receives interest from Forrester’s end user clients in the form of inquiries, survey responses, etc.

Forrester Wave™ Report for Continuous Integration Tools

AD&D leaders empower their teams with CI tools that automate software delivery tasks and easily integrate with other parts of the tool chain, without unwanted complication and management overhead.

Codeship sees the future, and it’s Docker.


Forrester’s Continuous Integration Evaluation Overview

Current offering


The evaluation focused on ease of use, pricing and licensing models, build automation, and DevOps tool chain integrations, and more.


Forrester Wave Continuous Integration Report Strategy

To assess strategy, Forrester analyzed product strategy, market approach, execution road map, consulting, training, and support.

Market Presence

Forrester Wave CI Report Codeship Market Presence

To assess market presence, we analyzed installed base, product revenue, and corporate profitability.

Moving Forward with Continuous Integration

There are multiple things to keep in mind when implementing a Continuous Integration solution. CI enables software development teams to work collaboratively, without stepping on each other’s toes, by automating builds and source code integration to maintain source code integrity.

Modern CI tools do a lot more than that: They also integrate with DevOps tools to create an automated code delivery pipeline commonly referred to as CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery). When fully automated, this can deliver applications from developers’ desktops to production servers in minutes, rather than months, by automating and integrating all of the manual processes that comprise the software development life cycle (SDLC).