Codeship GitHub Integration

Test and deploy your GitHub projects with Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro.

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Codeship Basic Setup with GitHub

Codeship Pro Setup with GitHub

Is Codeship Basic or Codeship Pro a better fit for your team's needs?


Codeship allows you to test and deploy your GitHub projects. Stay focused on your code and let us handle the rest.


Test and deploy your apps with a hosted CI solution

A simple push to your repository runs your automated tests and configured deployments on our powerful machines.


Customizability and Full Autonomy thanks to Docker support

We give you full control of the design of your CI and CD systems. Native Docker support and 2 simple .yml files enable powerful workflows to fulfill your tream's needs.


Optimized hosted infrastructure

Don’t waste time and engineering resources to maintain your local CI server. Ship better code, faster and optimize your build, test, & deployment processes thanks to Codeship's infrastructure dedicated to speed.


Development speed on scale

Set up parallel test pipelines and speed up your test suite. Push builds concurrently so your development team doesn’t have to wait for builds to be run. Codeship's infrastructure automatically scales with your needs.

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"Our goal is to make the lives of software developers easier—and to partner with companies doing the same. Codeship offers a reliable, customizable continuous integration solution and strong customer support, making it an ideal integration partner."

TODD BERMAN VP of Product Engineering at GitHub

Get started with the $0 plan which grants these resources:


Concurrent Builds1

Parallel Test Pipelines1

# of Projects/UsersUnlimited

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Common Questions

Does Codeship Support GitHub Enterprise?

Yes we do. You can learn more here

Does Codeship Integrate with GitHub Status API?

Yes. Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro both support GitHub status API.

What permissions does Codeship need on my repo?

Codeship requires admin permissions to your repo or organization account.