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At Codeship we believe in "building for the builders".
We love having other people build great software with our tools.

Aboutus behind the scenes


Codeship is full of bright, committed professionals who care deeply about our product and each other. We focus on respect, transparency, and getting it right -- not being right -- when we work together. We value diverse thinking and aren't afraid to respectfully disagree with each other while collaborating on a solution. We're committed to results and building a best-in-class product for other developers.

Remote Working

Codeship has roots in the US and Austria. We were founded in Austria and then grew as part of the Techstars Accelerator program, Spring 2013 class, in Boston. We strive to have a team full of smart people from all around the world, and we work remotely to enable this. Our team is spread across six countries in North America and Europe. We'll make sure you have all of the office equipment you need to be a successful member of a remote team, either at home or in a coworking space. You'll also be able to travel to meet your colleagues throughout the year, and we typically alternate between North America and Europe.

Our Workflow

We put a lot of effort into our code. We test everything, go through peer reviews for every piece of software that goes into production, and we use Codeship to continuously deploy every change (and we release about 150 times a month!). We want to build great quality software because we love working this way, but also to understand the best practices so we can teach them to others. You can read more about our workflow on our the Codeship Blog.