More control with Codeship's Notification Center

Codeship's Notification Center provides much better control over when and how your team gets notified. 

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Flexible Notifications on Codeship

 Our notifications are much easier to configure than other systems we’ve looked at. In a few clicks you can cut out noise, by only sending notifications to the people that need them, and only the ones that are relevant.


 Codeship Documentation

Our documentation does a great job at breaking down our new notifications, making sure you can set them up easily. You'll learn how to get notified, configure your build notifications, and more. 

 Pro Tips for Better Pipeline Notifications

We all know notifications are important, but getting the most out of notifications and not just extra noise can have big impact. In this blog post we will take a look at some tips that can help you get the most out of your Codeship Notification Center.

Codeship Documentation

Benefits of the Codeship Notification Center

New and Improved UI

The UI takes a whole new approach to notifications. It’s no longer just a list of notification services you can turn on, but a much more flexible and logical way of looking at notifications.


Codeship Pro Features - Full developer autonomy

Branch-first approach to reduce noise

We’ve decided to make the branch the top-level dimension for notifications, and for each branch, or set of branches, you can now configure one or more notification services to trigger. You can specify either a single branch or match multiple branches with similar names.

Codeship Pro Features - Easy to migrate

Multiple Notification Services

You might not always want to notify your entire team. Or maybe you sometimes you need to notify two different audiences, whether it's using Slack, Hipchat, a webhook etc. Now you can do that with any of the other services we integrate with, by simply adding more services under the same branch.

Codeship Features - Optimized infrastructure built for speed

Select Notification Scenarios

Select what type of events will trigger a notification whether it's it's started, succeeded, failed, or recovered.


Email Notifications

You now have more control over when they are triggered. Instead of just “on all events” and “on failure and recovery” you can now select between all four events (“started”, “succeeded”, “failed”, and “recovered”).

Get the most out of your notifications