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You will always start with the free $0 plan which grants these resources

  • 100 Builds/month
  • 1 concurrent build
  • 1 parallel test pipeline
  • Unlimited projects and users

Codeship Basic

  • Works out of the box
  • Pre-Installed CI dependencies
  • Simple 1-click app integrations


Codeship Pro

  • Native Docker support
  • Fully customizable CI environment
  • Local build runner for test consistency


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UsingCodeship Pro

Average Build Time9min 58secs


Common Questions

What is a concurrent build and how many builds can I run?

The number of concurrent builds states how many builds can be run at the same time by your team across your account. 1 concurrent build equals 1 commit. After you sign up you will always get 100 builds per month, 1 concurrent build, unlimited projects and unlimited users for free. We recommend purchasing additional concurrent builds for your account once your team gets bigger so you can run multiple builds simultaneously accross your team.

What are parallel test pipelines and can I run my tests in parallel to speed up my test suite?

Yes, you can split up your test commands into multiple parallel test pipelines to speed up your test suite. While concurrent builds allow you to run multiple builds across your account simultaneously, parallel test pipelines allow you to split up your build into multiple pipelines to speed up your testing. We recommend purchasing additional parallel test pipelines for your account once your projects get bigger.

Should I work with Codeship Basic or Codeship Pro?

It depends on your needs. Codeship Basic is our simple, out-of-the-box CI service. Its goal is to get you started quickly and help you outsource your automated testing so your team can focus on building your product. Codeship Pro is our fully customizable CI platform built on Docker. It gives you full autonomy over your development workflows and makes it easy to get parity between development, test, and production environment.

Which source code management services are supported?

Codeship supports connecting your GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab repositories. You can seamlessly invite project contributors to Codeship and see what your team is working on on your project dashboards. Codeship sends your build's status to your SCM so you can merge your Pull Requests as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Are there discounted plans available?

Annual plans give you 2 months for free. We also happily offer 50% discount for educational projects and non-profits. Open source projects will always be free.

How do you handle upgrading or canceling a subscription?

Upgrading your subscription in between a subscription period is prorated. You are able to cancel your subscription any time.

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