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We love having people build great software with our tools. Software touches everyone's lives, and we want to make sure that every developer has the focus and tools available to create the best products imaginable.

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Moritz PlassnigCEO, Founder

Flo 59208bdad49ba687bd79205ede9d7e14e6c5f482f3c49f257ecf881ed875ed4b

Florian MotlikCTO, Founder

Manuel c01617f79c1a42ef2f9e7240f7d9a666982de2bd6e3a06ab1ff5f97076d55503

Manuel WeissMarketing & Design, Founder

Dan c8d6f854d9e95e294de7b7a587c7014ef9b464397e34fcfbdb4d8fd669abd401

Dan CurtisCFO

Prashant c1b98f5d6fe73fe6bf9497df36b2a5cf312660c9eae52165b304c6877138a520

Prashant KawVP, Marketing

Alex 82a644b7def05327dde0757722752748b2f557aa45fee2fa2b848b85b220caa6

Alex TachoProduct

Jim cd3b04e61f12d409c6f327096c4768a13d1d7dbadc15b71a93f0be60d65b5500

Jim SchleyVP, Engineering

Ben ef3c6bf88823090e9a690977490925beafeac46d94a26d74c6f0824a19ab4b2a

Ben FritschEngineer

Marc 47b6ce2b0154ef6dd0cb1974b6ea546f793ed4044e0ddfa19d46347e7c1459c4

Marc SkipperBusiness Development Rep

Marko 4454efc09c24ababc0f4f1ab9af9e22c5084fc2cb1674e3b62b68f1d80d8bf2b

Marko LocherCustomer Success Engineer

Nick 6e274ba49b98142904e027c81145caea9a212a198b52e24b7f1ed3df37cf890c

Nick GauthierEngineer

Roman 8feedd8c35afef670d8906b6eee875f00315114317762d9b89a7530908c09b53

Roman KubaEngineer

Brendan 8c407c9ac386a24a289644d8553409ea0dad86c6cc39a25e6723cc8f854192a7

Brendan FosberryEngineer

Laura 1c3b27c4537561b3ec6adcdf77db29dc143ffe60afe90def6f66c3090371eac5

Laura FrankEngineer

Kurt d663d2a1737f242f182d4882cf060d4cf88a7f1afe62f5127c370ff6a3fcab2a

Kurt LojkaBusiness Development Rep

Jason ce4cce63e3f27328adb2a9d03e962538adf3a7f16ef8779b78d2b442f4ea965c

Jason SouzaCustomer Success Engineer

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We're developers so we love products with a great user experience. We want to make it as easy as possible for our users to achieve their goals.

We make no compromises. We focus on creating value for our users and customers. That's our most important goal every day.

We're thankful for all the advice and help we've received, and strongly believe that sharing our knowledge helps the developer community as a whole.

John simon b44d1696d5db667c7b1207ec5148e1edfbcbd717005f5e10eae4d7ff75138c04

John SimonManaging Director

Nicole stata ed2a17cb8fd96397786c22a8cb599769d870d38a5db89d20f2794853eb7d8923

Nicole StataManaging Director

Shervin ghaem maghami 6e125bce4137810d847f9a6d2b5fd5ea911990bd84b403f79b73e4498aefe33a

Shervin Ghaem-MaghamiBoard Member

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Our Boston headquarters
is located
near South Station
at 745 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02111.

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Our European office
is located
in Vienna, Austria.

More than 5,000 users have been
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