At CodeShip, we like our Terms of Service (the “Terms”) to be much like our software: clean, simple, direct and easy to use.

However, our lawyer (aka “The Law”) tells us we could potentially run into trouble if we don’t provide our users with detailed information regarding the terms upon which we offer you access to our website as well as to the CodeShip services. And The Law is usually right about this sort of thing. (Usually ….) So we’ve tried our best to be as simple, transparent and coder-friendly as possible in the below Terms. If you have input or suggestions, please let us know at; we’d love to hear your ideas on how to improve our service through future updates. If we do update the Terms, we’ll notify you and, of course, you are encouraged to revisit these Terms often so you’re familiar with your rights and responsibilities as a user of the CodeShip services.

To make it easier for you (and for us, frankly) to review and understand these Terms, we’ve provided you with two versions: one is The Law’s official Terms, and the other is our plain-English attempt to summarize key points from The Law’s official version. Bear in mind, however, that The Law’s wording is the only one that binds, and the only terms upon which we can offer – and upon which you can accept – the CodeShip services. Our plain-English summaries are for convenience only and are not intended to control or affect the meaning or construction of any of The Law’s provisions of these Terms, and in the event of any conflict between the two, The Law wins. (As usual.)