Does your CI have you running in circles?  Run builds in seconds with CodeShip.

Check in your code. Let us handle the rest. We provide a simple, turn-key SaaS CI/CD platform that is fast and flexible so that you can hit the ground running and build stuff that matters.

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CI/CD as fast, simple and flexible as you need

We help you automate the testing and deployment of your code - you decide how, where and when.


Get started in a few minutes

CodeShip lets you get your builds setup and working in just a few minutes with a simple UI and a turnkey environment. From there, you can grow your projects over time to use more sophisticated workflows and setups.


Grows with you

As your projects and teams evolve, so does CodeShip. You can switch from a simple UI to config-as-code, and from a turnkey environment to a completely customized, container-setup. Make your workflows as simple - or as sophisticated - as you need.


Focus on your work

With endless notifications, integrations and world-class developer support we want your team to spend it’s time working on your projects, not trying to get your CI/CD processes working. Let us manage everything and help when you need so that you can get back to work.


Expert developer support

We provide the best support for developers you’ll find, so that you never get stuck and can always keep shipping.


Fast builds, always reliable

With caching, parallelism and optimized, reliable infrastructure qe make sure your builds are as fast and stable as they can possibly be.


Builds run on pre-configured machines

CodeShip Basic has a vast variety of CI dependencies already pre-installed and ready to go.


Set up everything via a simple web interface

Set up your CI/CD via a web user interface focused on simplicity and ease of use.


Fully flexible and adaptable

You can create almost any build environment and workflow you need, so that the tool adapta to you rather than the other way around.


Integrates with everything you need

Almost any tool, cloud, or vendor that you need will work with CodeShip, and we’re happy to help get it going.


Turnkey, integrated deployments that can be set up with 1 click

Set up deployments to common endpoints via our simple 1-click-deployment integrations.


Great for common technologies and workflows

Setting up your projects only takes a few minutes. We will take care of the rest.

Hybrid workflows for maximum security and productivity

On-prem SCMs

Our hybrid approach lets you maximize value on both ends. You’ll be running your builds in the cloud, on our build machines, while hosting your code on your private SCM instance, such as Github Enterprise.

Security by design

Improved security design, from dedicated build machines to never storing your code, to make running builds in our cloud safe even if you have security or organization needs for on-prem source control.

Scales Easily

As your projects and team grow, your commits increase, your tests require larger build machines or more parallel pipelines. We offer plans that can scale with your needs. CodeShip can handle any size team or project.