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  • Andreas klinger dd81faeaa5444701f601086d9adfbca68ef450c644d47b4074781b057ff4575e
    Andreas Klinger

    Product Hunt

    At Product Hunt we use Codeship as the backbone of our team’s test and deployment processes.

  • Alan johnson b195a7e8a7932ff514b442f916d9b0889634ecea4763e9cc7cafd188e2f3fcff
    Alan Johnson


    We've been amazed at how easy Codeship is to use and how well it has met every need for continuous integration that we've run into.

  • Neil bartley 1de583f48fae1b31f3a6c48bfd100f41b2c92488c55f9bb36ede2ddeebf0315a
    Neil Bartley


    With ParallelCI we were able to cut down our average test time from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

A simple push to your repository runs your automated tests and configured deployments on our powerful machines. From a simple deployment to Heroku to complex Deployment Pipelines for your large infrastructure, all can be set up with ease.

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Use your resources to allow your team to build an amazing product for your customers, which will result in a strong and successful company. We’ll manage and scale your test and delivery infrastructure and take care of the release process. You’ll focus on what you do best — writing code.

It’s easy to start using Codeship, no matter the size or needs of your team. With our simple UI and easy configuration, your team can almost immediately start building workflows without ever losing the overview of the changes your team has made.

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Focus on Your Code


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Before we deployed once a week. Now with Codeship we deploy whenever a feature is ready.

Codeship helps Frontback to deploy the app with confidence. We do not ship until it’s green on Codeship. And if we need support, the team is always there.

Yannick schutz b8c851c65198d99fc2f7473683b28ed776a4a4ddb2fcd366668878da6779e6f9
Yannick Schutz

Backend Engineer at Frontback

Mat clayton da4b7fabc220b7061a8b6872e295ac30d6e7d72d200f5d5cccc457989c368fd8
Mat Clayton

Co-Founder of Mixcloud

Knowing when tests fail is critical to ensure we ship good reliable code. However managing our own infrastructure for testing is painful, Codeship allows us to benefit from seamless integration into our existing workflows, alerting us automatically when builds fail.

We were deploying to staging only two to three times per month before Codeship. Now we deploy almost daily.

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