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Docker Support

Work on a Continuous Integration Platform that gets updated whenever the latest stable Docker version is available. Connect to both private and public image registries with ease.   Learn more about Codeship Pro's native Docker Support

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Pre-Configured CI environment

Work on ready-to-go build machines with pre-installed dependencies. Codeship takes care of keeping versions updated.

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Codeship Basic

When Codeship Basic is right for you

Codeship Basic is a simple out-of-the-box Continuous Integration service that just works. Pre-installed CI dependencies, a simple web UI and the easy click-to-set-up approach for your deployment targets make it easy to get started within only a few minutes. Codeship Basic’s infrastructure automatically scales as your team grows.

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Codeship Pro

When Codeship Pro is right for you

Codeship Pro gives you full control of the design of your CI and CD systems. Your code runs in dedicated instances that are not shared with anyone else. Thanks to its native Docker support, Codeship Pro can provide complete developer autonomy. If you can run it in a Docker container, Codeship Pro can run it for you.

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UsingCodeship Pro

Average Build Time9min 58secs


You will always start with the free $0 plan which grants these resources

  • 100 Builds/month
  • 1 concurrent build
  • 1 parallel test pipeline
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users and teams

Codeship Pro

  • Configured via setup files in your repository
  • Define containers for your build environment
  • Flexible workflows and configuration
  • Great for customized apps and workflows
  • Native Docker support


Codeship Basic

  • Set up everything via the web interface
  • Builds run on pre-configured machines
  • Turnkey, integrated deployments
  • Great for common technologies and workflows
  • Does not support Docker


Why your team needs Codeship

Hosted Continuous Integration that scales with your needs

Don’t waste time and engineering resources to maintain your local CI server. Codeship lets you focus on your product. Ship better code, faster and optimize your testing & deployment processes with Codeship's infrastructure dedicated to speed.

Codeship Features - Hosted Continuous Integration that scales with your needs

Automated deployments when your tests pass

Configure powerful deployment pipelines that run after all your tests have passed. Codeship lets you set up deployments to where-ever you want. Use regex to set up deployment rules that let you deploy to different environments when code passes on certain branches.


Optimized infrastructure built for development speed

Set up parallel testing and split up your test suite to decrease your build time. Push builds concurrently so your development teams don’t have to wait for any builds to be run. Codeship's infrastructure is optimized for speed and automatically scales with your needs.

Codeship Features - Optimized infrastructure built for speed

Intelligent notifications and 3rd party integrations for your teams

Set up teams and permissions/roles for your organizations and their team members. Seamless 3rd party integrations, smart notification management and project dashboards provide a high level overview over your projects and their health.


Codeship is a hosted Continuous Integration service built to fit your needs. Learn more about pricing.

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Common Questions

Common Questions

What is the difference between Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro?

Codeship Basic is our simple, out-of-the-box CI service. Its goal is to get you started quickly and help you outsource your automated testing so your team can focus on building your product. Codeship Pro is our fully customizable CI platform built on Docker. It gives you full autonomy over your development workflows and makes it easy to get parity between development, test, and production environment.

Which source code management services are supported?

Codeship supports connecting your GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab repositories. You can seamlessly invite project contributors to Codeship and see what your team is working on on your project dashboards. Codeship sends your build's status to your SCM so you can merge your Pull Requests as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Are there discounted plans available?

Annual plans give you 2 months for free. We also happily offer 50% discount for educational projects. Open source projects will always be free.

How do you handle upgrading or canceling a subscription?

Upgrading your subscription in between a subscription period is prorated. You are able to cancel your subscription any time.

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Codeship now integrates with GitHub Enterprise. Learn more in our latest blog post.  Learn more