Developers are in control

Do you want everything set up for you instantly, or do you want to customize your environment and your workflow? CodeShip lets the developer pick the path that’s best for them, to maximize productivity and let teams evolve over time.

Integrates with everything

From deployments to notifications to code coverage to security scanning and on-premise SCMs, CodeShip lets you integrate with any tool, service or cloud you need for your organization’s perfect workflow.


World-class developer support

Not only do we make CodeShip easy to use, we also provide fast and thorough developer support. When you need help or identify a problem, you want to talk to someone technical sooner rather than later, and that’s what you’ll get with CodeShip.


Fully working within minutes

You can get your builds and deployments working in less than 5 minutes with CodeShip’s turnkey environment and simple UI. From there, you can evolve into more sophisticated workflows and config-as-code as your projects grow.


Speed and reliability guaranteed

You need your builds to run fast, be easy to optimize and debug and to always be available. We’ve built our infrastructure to be resilient and performant, and we’ve built CodeShip to make lightning-fast build speeds easy to achieve.


Performance and security thanks to dedicated single tenant AWS instances

Choose the size, CPU, and memory of the AWS instances we provide for you. As only your code runs on one instance and you’re not sharing instances with other people we can guarantee high security and can make sure you won’t suffer from CPU heavy builds run by other teams.


Deploy anywhere

CodeShip Pro is agnostic to your deployment target and lets you push and pull your images from any registry. As we use Docker as a domain language the question will never be if you can run something on CodeShip Pro, but if you can run it inside of a Docker container. If it works with Docker, it works on CodeShip Pro.


Get insight into your project and its health

Set up teams and permissions for your organizations and their team members with our Notification Center. Seamless 3rd party integrations, smart notification management and project dashboards provide a high level overview over your projects and their health.


Builds run on pre-configured machines

CodeShip Basic has a vast variety of CI dependencies already pre-installed and ready to go.

Learn about all pre-installed packages


Set up everything via a simple web interface

Set up your CI/CD via a web user interface focused on simplicity and ease of use.

Learn more about the setup interface


Define containers for your build environment

Get complete control over your build environment. If it can be run in a container, CodeShip Pro can run it.

Learn more about setting up your environment


Benefit from our native Docker Support

Work on a CI Platform that gets updated whenever the latest stable Docker version is available.

Learn more about CodeShip Pro's native Docker Support


Turnkey, integrated deployments that can be set up with 1 click

Set up deployments to common endpoints via our simple 1-click-deployment integrations.

Learn more about integrated deployment endpoints


Great for common technologies and workflows

Setting up your projects only takes a few minutes. We will take care of the rest.

Learn how easy it is to get started on CodeShip Basic


Dedicated instances and seamless scaling

Choose from single-tennant machines with up to 32 cores and 60GB RAM.

Learn more about instance sizes


Configured through setup files in your repository

Set up your CI/CD via files that sit in your repository and benefit from version control.

Learn more about the CodeShip .yml files